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5 Unique Cardiff Cocktail Bars, discount on the last one!!

Cardiff Cocktail bars are known for their wide selection of mixed drinks, theatrics and alluring ambience. The cocktails available are typically made with spirits, such as gin, vodka, or whiskey, along with other ingredients such as fruit juice, bitters, or liqueurs.

Many of Cardiff’s cocktail bars have spacious seating areas, where guests can sit at tables or at the bar and enjoy their drinks. Some cocktail bars also have live music or other entertainment, such as games, DJs or karaoke. In addition to cocktails, Cardiff’s array of bars also offers a selection of beers, wines, and non-alcoholic beverages.

As a popular destination for socialising and enjoying a relaxing evening out, newcomers to Cardiff need insight on some of the best cocktail bars we have to offer. So If you’re seeking a stylish and sophisticated evening with an atmosphere that is conducive to conversation and relaxation, we would recommend the following…

1. The Alchemist Cardiff

Address / Opening Hours

Based at 117 St Mary St, Cardiff, The Alchemist Cardiff offers customers the opportunity of an unconventional, dark & controversial cocktail bar offering awe and intrigue with every drink. 

The Alchemist Cardiff offers a subversive step into the mystical apothecary, dispensing the most creative cocktails and delicious all-day dining with a twist. As masters of their craft, they offer what they call the dark arts of molecular mixology and demons in the kitchen. Their mixologists create every cocktail with an obsessive eye for detail, presented in vessels orchestrated to add a devilish dash of theatre, they bedazzle, bewitch and set the scene for everything they do.

With a bar open until 1 AM it offers the opportunity for you to lock in for a long haul of delightful indulgence into the variety of awe-inspiring cocktails that this mystical cocktail bar provides.

cocktail bar
The Alchemist Cardiff

2. The Dead Canary

Address / Opening Hours

As proud Winner of the Cardiff Life Awards 2016, 2017 & 2018 and the Cardiff Lifestyle Awards 2017, The Dead Canary retains accolades that stir intrigue for any cocktail lover.

Located in Barrack Lane, St David’s Centre, Cardiff, The dead Canary provides Eclectic cocktails that are freshly prepared at this designer bar with a style harking back to the 1920s with its dimly lit and cosy atmosphere. The unique cocktail menu of ‘Dragons of the realm’ boasts a distinctive selection of gins, vodkas, rums and more with remarkable pairings of botanicals, fruits and mixers to tantalise your inquisitive taste buds.

Our suggestions to start you off would be either the Vortigern’s Dragon with its hints of marmalade and lemon or a Jormungandr with sparkling elderflower and lemon.

cocktail bar
The Dead Canary

3. Lab 22

Address / Opening Hours

This cool, eclectically-styled cocktail bar also has a molecular food and drink menu housed at 22 Caroline Street, Cardiff. A prevalence towards the different and daring Lab 22 is constantly striving to push the boundaries of mixology and set the standard for cocktails in Cardiff. 

Lab 22’s mixed drinks, are like you’ve had them before. Having previously looked to the accomplishments of the scientists of the past for inspiration, Lab 22’s menu is ever-changing and currently inspired by studying what we do not know; the unexplored ideas and phenomena that humanity has yet to conquer – intriguing I know.

You can also join Lab 22 for a Moonshine society every Monday night in Cardiff as they surround your evening with stunning prohibition-inspired cocktails, industry discounts and a charming roster of live jazz all night long.

Our top three drinks at Lab 22 are the Casual Loop, the Buck fast, and the Snakebite Negroni for something a little more original with a twist.

4. The Libertine Cocktail Bar

Address / Opening Hours

Promoting good times through the right mood, music and drinks. The Libertine cocktail bar is right place with the right people as one massive family of cocktail connoisseurs.

Found on 28 High street, Cardiff, this classy and cocktail bar boasts a relaxing and intoxicating ambience for the lovers of vodka-fuelled late nights and long leisurely lunches. Its the destination for hard workers and play harder, the perfect destination to let down your hair and soak in a truly captivating atmosphere.

The Libertine cocktail bar offers cocktails, an atmosphere full of cheer and a cheeky bit of sin. Born from experiences in bars worldwide, The Libertine was born in June 2011. Two more venues have followed, with great service at its heart, it offers an  experience and array of cocktails, beers, and wines to suit your taste, whatever your taste. 

For those uninitiated in the world of cocktails, here are our recommendations to ease you in to the Libertine, the smoking monkey, the Queen of Hearts and Panic at the Pisco all have the WOM seal of approval for some variety.

5. NQ64 Cardiff

Address / Opening Hours

NQ64 offers neon-splattered drinking dens with a wide variety of retro arcade games and classic consoles. Their drink selection is equally as extensive, providing customers with a range of craft beers to a varied selection of famous cocktails like the renowned packs-a-punch cocktail. 

 NQ64, the arcade bar has provided UniWOM Students with £3 on pints of Red Stripe and Hooch, £10 on selected cocktails with an additional 15 games tokens, & £5 house double mixers to fully support the student ecosystem within Cardiff to fully show students what the city has to offer to them. 

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